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Gordon & Gordon have proposed or are in the process of proposing the following pieces - in addition to many others. We are open to suggestions and offers of venues, residencies, collaborations and support.

and we don't know what to say

And We Don’t Know What to Say is a durational performance to take place along the streets, canals and parks of a city. The artists will start off in the late afternoon with 25 hour memorial candles with the inscription ‘we don’t know what to say’ printed in the host city language on the metal holding container. We will light a candle and then walk until we are just within visual distance of that candle and light the next candle. We will proceed through the streets of the city until all 136 candles have been lit (approximately 8 hours), ending in close proximity to where we began, leaving behind a circle of light enveloping the area of the city in which the piece takes place. Residents of the city will happen upon the piece and can experience it as an isolated part of the piece or follow the string of light through the city during the 33 hours the piece will exist (8 hours of lighting and 25 hours of burning). click here to see an example of this piece in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Bait & Switch

Bait & Switch is a performance by two performers in three movements-collecting, cataloging, and displaying. In the first movement, the performers begin touring the city, finding and photographing litter that has been left behind. Each object is photographed. The object is removed and a digital photograph of the object is left in its place. The performers will travel the city with a digital camera and a battery powered digital photo printer to collect and print images of the objects. During the first movement, there will be up to a dozen photos and objects collected each day. The objects will be brought back to the studio space for movement two
The second movement will run simultaneously with the first movement. The artists will develop a website which will be the archive of all the digital images collected during the first movement. The archive will grow daily. At the end of each day of work, the artists will upload the daily images and begin the cataloging process. A map will be produced to show the original location of each found object.

The third and final movement is the gallery show. A collection of the original pieces of litter will be displayed alongside large scale prints of the digital photographs. Not all the found objects or images will be displayed during the show.

The performance will have three levels of documentation. The initial level of documentation is the small format digital photograph printed and left at the site for a passerby to pick up. The second level is the gallery show which combines both large scale print images of the objects and the objects themselves. The third level is an active website that will allow the entire collection to be seen worldwide. The website will act as a permanent archive of the piece.

Drift & Float

Untitled (drift & float), a durational meditation on the journey of infertility – from light to dark back to light and back to dark. The piece will take place in the late afternoon and into the evening. In a large pond or small lake in a public park, the artists will row a small rowboat around the lake, allowing it to drift, changing directions and drifting some more. Small (approximately 10 cm) wooden boats will be set afloat in the water, each with a lit candle acting as the mast of the boat. Over the course of the piece, between 150-250 boats will be set out, floating on their own in the lake, and perhaps floating out into a canal, then out to sea.