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yad shniyah

temporary installation, Jerusalem, Israel, August 18, 2010

Yad Shniyah comes from a couple's 10 year journey through infertility.

For three years, the artist team Gordon & Gordon Art collected found clothing and transformed it into 1,111 dolls.

They are each keeping one. 

Along with a letter, nine were sent to immediate family members. One hundred were sent to people who have had an impact on them through the course of their lives or their fertility journey. Most went to family and friends. The rest were sent to 30 doctors and other professionals they met along the way.

One thousand dolls were delivered over a 26 hour period of time in Jerusalem on August 18th 2010, to be picked up be passers by.

Each doll is about 26 cm (10.5 in). Since the cloth came from so many different types of clothing, none are identical. But they all have a strong family resemblance to each other.

See more about this piece at www.yadshniyah.com